Living in the Costa Blanca is a real dream. Enjoying the best Mediterranean climate and an exceptional quality of life should be your only concern in a place as privileged as this one..

However, you may have felt some concern by thinking that your home will spend long periods of time unattended when you have to leave.

Every time you have to leave your home alone, have you ever feared that, when you return, it will be occupied with people inside or that, because of a storm, it will be affected by flooding or even annoying dampness?

These are just some of the unpleasant situations that you may encounter when you return to your home for your vacation.

Here’s what happens to your home when you leave and how to deal with it.

What situations can you encounter while you are away and leave your home alone?

If you leave your home alone, you may encounter several types of scenarios:

  1. Theft in your home

This is one of the worst situations you can encounter in your absence, as burglars and squatters choose unoccupied houses to break into.

  1. Flooding caused by heavy rains

In the Costa Blanca it rains little but it is common to have storms with heavy rains at specific times, a phenomenon known as “heavy rain”. ‘cold drop’ causing flooding in a large part of the territory and causing great destruction.

  1. Damage to both the interior and exterior of your home

Lack of maintenance and control in your home can lead to unwanted damage that can result in high repair costs.


  1. Moisture, mold and mildew growth.

It is important to keep the house ventilated to prevent mold, mildew, dampness and other problems caused by keeping the house closed for long periods of time. A small water stain can be the beginning of a bigger problem if not detected and fixed in time.

  1. Finding your home occupied upon arrival.

As we already mentioned, the squatters take advantage of the absence of the owners to enter the houses and stay there to live. A most unpleasant situation that causes great impotence.

  1. A poor condition of your garden or pool.

Lack of use and maintenance can lead to big problems in your garden and especially in your pool..

  1. Your palm trees affected by the red palm weevil.

Imagine that you get home and find that your palm trees and plants are being affected by the red palm weevil, a tropical insect that feeds on the tenderest part of them, devouring the inside of the trunk until it weakens and causes the death of the palm tree, the jewel of your garden.

  1. A light on that increases your electricity bill in a disproportionate way..

Can you imagine what would happen if you left a light on in your home while you were away? The electricity bill during that period could reach exorbitant amounts that you would have no choice but to assume. And all because of a small oversight that you could have avoided.

You wouldn’t want to go through any of these scenarios while you’re away, would you?

At Jetvillas we know that your peace of mind and safety are the most important thing. Therefore, we have thought about all this, but above all about you, creating Home control Plus, a service in which all your worries are solved.

Do not wait for any of these points to happen. Your only concern should be to enjoy your home, living with the peace of mind that everything is under control.

We know that it is important for you to have an excellent after sales service, because the best of the experience should come once you have already bought the house. At Jetvillas we establish a relationship with you before, during and after the purchase of the property, we accompany you throughout the process, offering you all kinds of facilities and services.

As soon as your enjoyment and peace of mind on the CostaBlanca begins, we will be close to you to offer you our best services as Home Control Plus.

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