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Discover how to keep your home in perfect conditions

When you are not here hundreds of things can happen: a broken pipe, a sick palm tree in your garden, a break-in in your house… Don’t worry, we can help you.

I want to contract HOME CONTROL PLUS

And start enjoying its advantages today.

Arriving home and seeing damage makes your vacation go up in smoke.

There is nothing worse than coming on vacation to your house on the Costa Blanca and find the pool dirty or the garden like a jungle. You have come to enjoy the weather and the beach, not to work.

But it could be worse: Mould from damp, leaks or electricity bills because you forgot to turn off a light the day you left, or you have suffered a burglary or squatters have taken over your house.

What is included

Regular visits to your home

You live far from here. How do you know the state of your house?

We will be your eyes in the distance. We will visit your home once a month to check that everything is in order.

Problems? We take care of it

A small water stain can be the beginning of a larger problem if not detected and fixed in time.

If we discover any damage in your absence, we will inform you. We can also take care of the problem. With our assistance service, we will find the right provider to offer you a suitable solution. In addition, you will enjoy a 5% discount on the assistance you contract with us. (This discount will not be applied to the cost of the service.


Hate that your house smells musty, smells “closed”? Or worse… Afraid that a wall will be filled with fungus?

We will periodically ventilate the house to prevent mold, humidity and other problems derived from having the house closed for long periods of time.


We always keep a copy of your keys in our office to give to you or to suppliers in case of need.


Receive all your packages at our office
office, without having to worry about being at home.

In addition, after

you will receive detailed reports, signed by our technicians. If they detect a problem that needs to be solved urgently, we will inform you immediately with the best course of action. More Information.

*HOME CONTROL PLUS is, for the moment, only available in: Calpe, Benissa, Teulada-Moraira, Altea Hills.

Complete the Home Control Plus service with these additional services


Your garden and pool, always well maintained. By contracting the garden and pool maintenance service, you can be sure that your garden and pool will be in perfect condition when you arrive, because we will take care of all the communication with the suppliers. In addition, by contracting maintenance with JETConstruction you will enjoy a 5% discount.


Find your perfect home on arrival: we can organise the cleaning of your home for your arrival, or organise regular cleanings so that your home is always in perfect condition. And you don’t have to worry about the organisation, we take care of it.


Make your home a bastion of security, a peaceful environment in which your family can go about their daily lives with complete peace of mind.


WHY JETconstruction?

To say that our clients’ experience is unique is easy. To prove it too, because everything we do is designed for our customers to fully enjoy our services.

A team that makes you feel at ease from the first moment. A service so exclusive that makes you feel like a VIP client and leave you speechless.

We started in 1989 as a construction company. Today, we also offer resales and services. We are the only real estate company in the area with ISO-9001 quality seal and thanks to the work and affection we have always put into everything we do, in Jetconstruction we grew as people, as professionals and as a team, and with us grew our services.

We have received numerous awards, the result of the continuous search for excellence that is part of the DNA of our Swiss-Spanish management, with the aim of improving every day giving the best of us.

They have already contracted the service


Rudi and his family came to Spain 15 years ago.


He bought his house in Calpe in 2011, since then we work with him.


In 1983 she came to Spain, we built her house and have been taking care of her ever since.

In case you still have any doubts

Ventajas, requisitos y mucho más

Are the Jetvillas technicians who enter my home reliable?

Totally! We only send our own trusted personnel to your home. In addition, each inspection is recorded in our computer system and there is a report signed by the person making the visit.

Isn't it risky to leave my house keys?

As a real estate, construction and service company we are used to having many keys in custody. We have security protocols that prevent unauthorized persons from identifying a property through the keys.

Only 12 inspections per year seems too few for that price.

There will only be 12 visits in the best case scenario, that is, we will only visit your house 12 times if there are no incidents, so you can be happy in that case! Your house will be perfect! If there are any incidents we will come as many times as necessary until the problem is solved.

In addition, during this promotion, we include for FREE our services KEY HOLDING, MAIL DELIVERY, KEY COLLECT and, if you are one of the first 10, AMAZON DELIVERY PLUS.

AMAZON DELIVERY PLUS, the service that is included free for the first 10 customers who book is it only for Amazon package delivery?
No, even if it’s called that. With Amazon Delivery Plus you can send any package to our office and we will receive it for you. Plus, we’ll drop it off at your home free of charge even if no one is home at the time.
Why can I only contract HOME CONTROL PLUS if my house is in Calpe, Benissa or Teulada-Moraira?

Every incidence or irregularity that our inspectors detect will be communicated to you through a detailed report after the visit. In urgent matters we will contact you personally to inform you and proceed to solve the problem in the most efficient way possible. This service is part of HOME CONTROL PLUS and does not involve extra costs.

However, if repair work is required to solve an incident, for example a repair or theft, we will charge additional fees. In the case of major work, we would need your approval of the estimate.

Can I get a FREE repair, even if it is a major repair?

There are many incidents that are covered by a good home insurance. With HOME CONTROL PLUS we advise you in case of an incident so that you can get the most out of your policy. We are proud to say that 3 out of 4 repairs are free of charge for our clients.

Your home always under control

If you want to have any malfunctions reported and fixed immediately, you have to take advantage of this offer.
Feel the privilege of not having to worry about anything. Rely on the only local real estate company with ISO 9001 quality management seal.


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